Oculus Touch Launching With Giant Gaming Library

The Oculus Rift Touch controllers have been shipped out and now it’s just a waiting game, but the lovely new tech doesn’t do much without a packed toybox to play with. Shipments arrive on December 6, at which point the Rift’s library expands in a huge way with 53 titles instantly added to its lineup and more coming. The Rift has a bit of catch-up to do to its primary rival, the HTC Vive, and this is a nice start.

Those who pre-ordered the Rift get Insomniac Games’ The Unspoken as well as Oculus’ VR Sports Challenge. The Unspoken is a game of magic where the player’s hands become deadly arcane weapons in a one-on-one duel against an equally-skilled opponent, while VR Sports Challenge is a series of sports-themed activities where you’re in the game, catching, throwing, swinging, and defending as the necessary. Other notable games include Job Simulator, Serious Sam: The Last Hope, Surgeon Simulator, Kingspray, and the 3D creation studio Medium. The Climb is getting a Move update, allowing for a more natural series of motions, as is Please, Don’t Touch Anything, Home Improvisation, and a number of other games. And of course, SuperHOT gets its VR mode, which promises all sorts of awesomeness. It should be a very nice day of gaming if you’ve got the hardware for it.

Valve completely redefined what VR could be with its Vive handset controllers, and it took Oculus a while to catch up. That imbalance is just about over and both headsets can start exploring VR space, which is necessary for this particular branch of gaming to be more than just a curiosity.  VR is off to a reasonable start, although with all the press its gotten people might have expected more, and with the market no longer being divided between those who can pick stuff up in-game and those who can’t (or at least significantly less divided) then developers can target a specific game type and work on making it better.  That’s good for everyone, whether it be the players, developers, or hardware makers.