The Flame in the Flood Heading to PS4 in January

Molasses Flood’s acclaimed survival game, The Flame in the Flood, will be making its way onto PS4 early next year in January, the developer announced earlier today. Described as the Complete Edition, the rerelease will include gameplay enhancements alongside a Developer’s Commentary, offering insight into the thought process and production of the game. Avatars as well as a dynamic theme will also be included for anyone who purchases the game. Curve Digital have been confirmed as the ones publishing the title on Sony’s console.

The Flame in the Flood was an immediate stand-out earlier this year when we reviewed the original release with an art-style and aesthetic that, like fellow successful titles in Don’t Starve for example, stand as a definite far cry visually to a lot of games within the largely-saturated genre that is the procedurally-generated, survival market — “simultaneously charming and terrifying” is how we described this game, as much its high-points, in particular. The Flame in the Flood is currently available on both Xbox One & PC. Check out the Complete Edition trailer below.