Come Check Out Over Eight Minutes of Prey’s Insane Gameplay

So the new gameplay trailer for Prey that premiered at The Game Awards was quite intriguing indeed, but some of the weapons and skills in it left us asking a few questions about them. Thankfully, Bethesda has a full gameplay clip of Prey that lasts nearly nine minutes to provide some context, with Raphael Colantonio and Ricardo Bare of Arkane Studios guiding us through things.

You can check out the full video below, and things get quite interesting, to say the least. GLOO guns gum up enemies, make them shatter, and allow you to climb walls, upgrade points are earned by stabbing yourself in the eye with a neuromod, recycler charges are grenades that turn robots and obstacles into crafting materials, and thanks to the ability to learn techniques from the various aliens you battle, you get skills such as mimicry to try out. Meaning you don’t just mentally move a coffee cup into a new area as part of a puzzle, you actually BECOME the coffee cup.

It all feels almost like something from a Ratchet and Clank game, but damned if it doesn’t catch our interest. As previously mentioned, Prey is due out in 2017, and we can’t wait to see what other types of insanity Arkane will add to it between then and now.