Games of Glory Shows Off Intergalactic Gladiatorial Battle

Jump into this quick teaser for an upcoming free-to-play title, Games of Glory, by Lightbulb Crew. This game is set in a universe where wars never cease but citizens find solace in an intergalactic team-based battle to the death.

Games of Glory will pit your group against another to earn fame and fortune. It is meant for participants to take out their frustrations, to let their voices be heard in a fight where anything goes. The trailer below shows off a 3-on-3 match with their own special skills and weapons. Teams will each have a superstar who must survive through the round and make it to the designated area. Points are awarded after each round until one team earns the required amount.

Currently, there is no official release date announced but will come at some point in 2017. Check out some of the action below with the reality TV-style trailer and prepare yourself for glory.