Vane Resurfaces at PSX 2016 With a New Trailer

Well, this is a bit appropriate. We haven’t seen a lot of developer Friend & Foe’s atmospheric adventure game Vane ever since its announcement two years ago, but now with The Last Guardian actually finally coming out next week, it only makes sense that Sony would now begin to show a heavy interest in an indie game coming from former Last Guardian developers as well. So now we have a new trailer for Vane that was showcased at the PlayStation Experience, and it’s quite a gorgeous one indeed.

Not much is still known about the game aside from it being set in “a strange land with a hidden mystery,” but as seen below, the new trailer gives us quite a lot to look at in this land, including giant structures being built up, ominous machinery, caverns with vast gaps, treacherous sandstorms, a bit of magic, and the titular vane at the end. What does it all mean? We’ll find out when Vane is released for the PS4 in 2017, hopefully providing a bit of an enjoyable chaser for The Last Guardian.