Download Magearna for Pokémon Sun and Moon

Trainers have already caught them all in Pokémon Sun and Moon but there’s still one more out there! Magearna is a mechanical marvel and the first mythical Pokémon to obtain for the game. It is a Steel/Fairy-type and man-made Pokémon that is over 500 years old.

Getting Magearna is fairly simple as you just need to scan its QR code. However, you must complete the main storyline first which shouldn’t be a problem for a Pokémon Master. Afterwards, scan the code and speak with a deliveryman at the Antiques of Ages in Hau’oli City.

Magearna has the Soul-Heart ability which raises its Special Attack anytime another Pokémon faints. It also comes with a Bottle Cap which you can use in the Festival Plaza. The code is said to last forever with no expiration date which means if you’re taking time building the perfect team to complete the storyline, then that’s okay!