2K Outlines Battleborn Winter Update

2K has announced a variety of updates coming to Battleborn soon. This new update will be showcased in detail on Twitch on December 8, and will unlock all 25 core characters¬† and add more questions to the story mode. Two new training modes will be added in that allow you to try out every Battleborn character offline so you can better acclimate yourself to them for online play. The game’s UI will get an upgrade and an all-new draft mode will allow you to ban certain characters to boil battles down to simpler goals. The in-game credits system will also be updated and allow for fater unlocks and more loot packs. PS4 Pro support will also be coming on the PlayStation 4 version – allowing for either 1080p playback at 60 FPS or 4K playback at 30 FPS.