Groupees Casual Bundle 9 Nets You Seven Games for $2

Groupees bundles have been quite hit or miss, but the latest Casual Bundle looks like a lot of fun. Spending $2 gets you Deep Space Rush, Reed, The Housewife, Etaria, Hyper Color Ball, GrottyScape, and Phat Stacks 2. Fans of third-person runners will love Deep Space Dash, while Reed offers up some 2D platforming. Etaria is a bit of a world-exploration sim, while The Housewife explores the dark world of spousal abuse.

Hyper Color Ball is another runner-style game where your aim is to avoid all obstacles for as long as possible. GrottyScape is a 2D action platformer that gives you a bit of run jump ‘n shooting action with a simplsitic pixel art style. Finally, Phat Stacks 2 is a puzzle-platformer – so fans of pretty much any kind of platforming will be happy with this bundle.