SoulCalibur 20th Anniversary Trailer Drops as Well as Opening Site

Bandai Namco has recently put out a trailer honoring the twenty years that is SoulCalibur, a classic fighting game that is up there with the best of them.

The trailer showcases every SoulCalibur fans have come to know and love, with the cast of characters to match. Also, as of today, the website for SoulCalibur 20th Anniversary has opened, titled Project Soul. Showcasing every game on the front page, as well as some other info about the upcoming 20th Anniversary of the acclaimed fighting series. The original SoulCalibur having come out on December 20, you guessed it, twenty years ago.

The other important note featured on the site, is recently announced SoulCalibur Pachislot, a new entry for the series set to release in late January of 2017. For now, it’s a waiting game until more info is released, most likely on the anniversary of the series. Check out all the SoulCalibur one could ask for in the trailer below: