The Final Patch of the Season, 6.24

Patch 6.24 is being released this morning and with that comes quit a few balance changes as we enter the new season.

This is the patch were Ryla’s gets nerfed along with Vayne and Twitch; while Varus gets a buff. Camille is being released later this patch and the Snowdown skins for Santa Braum, Snow Day Graves, and Winter Wonder Karma.

The jungle is getting some work done to it so that Krugs don’t give a ridiculous amount of experience and Courage of Colossus is getting a nerf while Fervor is getting a buff. There’s a lot happening again this patch so be sure to check out the patch notes here.

Also this patch resets everyone’s rank and officially kicks off the beginning of the new ranked season. The Season 7 doesn’t officially start until later this month, but for all of our interests it’s here. Enjoy the climb!