Batman: The Telltale Series’ Finale Gets a Release Date

Episode Five of Telltale’s Batman series, called “City of Light,” will be available on Steam, the PlayStation and Xbox stores, and the App Store and Google Play store on Tuesday, December 13. It will cost $4.99 USD per episode, or $24.99 USD for the Season Pass.

Without getting into spoilers, “City of Light” will start out quite differently for players depending on the choice they made in the previous episode. Episode Five is the final episode in season one of the series and will conclude the story of the Children of Arkham. Like all Telltale games, your decisions will matter. Whether you choose to play as Batman or Bruce and how you present yourself as either character will have a definite effect on the outcomes of the story.

Telltale is also giving away Episode One of the series away for free on Steam, so you can see what it’s all about if you haven’t yet. Stay tuned for more on Telltale, as they recently announced their new Marvel series at The Game Awards, which will focus on the Guardians of the Galaxy.