December 7 Indie Gala Hump Day Bundle Now Available

An all-new Indie Gala Hump Day bundle is available and gives folks multi-tiered access to a wide variety of games. For $1, you can get Mirrored: Chapter 1, Pixel Gladiator in Early Access, and Russian SuperHero Dead Ivan.  Paying $2.99 gets you Fairies vs. Darklings, The Herbalist, Weird Hero, Captain Cthonicle, Captain Kaon in Early Access, VR Escape the Space Station and The Superfluous in Early Access. The Superfluous looks like a blast, and combines a rogue-like with action-platforming and an impressive pixel art style. Pixel Gladiator also looks like a solid pickup for those looking for some 16-bit inspired action-platforming, and for $1, it seems well-worth it to buy this bundle just for that game.