EVE: Valkyrie’s Gatecrash Update Now Available

EVE: Valkyrie wasn’t just one of the best games on the Oculus Rift, but it also stands as one of the best games currently available on the PlayStation VR. Today, its latest content update brings PlayStation Pro upgrades as well as new gameplay additions and a pilot customization system. This year’s PSX saw a reveal for Gatecrash in video form, while a developer diary goes into more depth as to what the changes mean for the player base.

Gatecrash brings a new map featuring “iceteroids” and a stunning light-blue motif that stands out immediately. Pilot customization makes its debut and turns the pilots between matches from clones into individuals. PlayStation 4 Pro users will also get dynamic shadows, increased resolution, and improved detail levels across the board alongside reduced loading times. This free update is available now on the PlayStation 4, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive platforms.