Next DariusBurst Chronicle Savior DLC Adds Cave Characters to the Roster

DariusBurst Chronicle Savior was already a huge game when it came out and then kept on growing with a pair of DLCs adding guest stars from other companies’ shooters.  Sega and Taito have gotten three ships apiece added to the game, usable in levels specifically for the ship and a few more designed with the company’s pack in mind.  Now it’s Cave’s turn to get an outing, and its trio of ships and the levels to go with them arrive December 14.  The new characters are Windia from Deathsmiles, Delta Sword from DoDonPachi Resurrection, and Tiger Schwert from Ketsui.  DariusBurst was a welcome return of a great series, and the new guest stars make a fantastic addition to the horizontal shooter’s arsenal.