Rocket League’s Starbase ARC DLC Out Today

The space themed update for Rocket League called Starbase ARC will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later today, at around 5 pm EST.

Starbase ARC will come with a free new map and a purchasable new battle-car called the Vulcan. While all Rocket League maps are aesthetic for the most part, Starbase ARC takes place on an octagonal space station, with planets and things flying around as you play. The space station orbits a desert planet, which is likely the planet from the Wasteland map, since it was here where people found the easter egg hinting at a space-based map.

Starbase ARC also comes with a few house-cleaning updates, like a custom training mode that allows you to design your own training sequences and save them for later. Two variant maps are being added as well, which are Wasteland at night, and a snowy version of Utopia Collesium. The Champion Series items are also being added, and other things like Steam Workshop support, an Arena Preference selector, and a new colorblind mode will also make their way into the patch.

The Starbase ARC DLC is all based on Psyonix’s old mobile game that they made back in 2012, ARC Squadron, which you can still find on the iOS and Android stores.