New Conan Exiles Video Released

Conan Exiles is the upcoming game by developer and publisher Funcom that outlines just what it takes to survive the brutal  world of Conan the Barbarian. The game will launch in Early Access on January 31 on Steam and will go live on Xbox One Preview sometime in Spring 2017 and will give you the chance to play on either public or private servers and take control in a world riddled with scouring sandstorms and raging enemies.

You begin the game with nothing but your bare hands and you are tasked with rising in power to enslave your enemies and slaughter all those that stand in your way. See how far you can go and how much you can accomplish in this brutal world where no one is spared.

You can learn more about the game on its official website as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

Check out the Early Access trailer below: