First Online Battle Competition for Pokémon Sun and Moon Start Soon

Trainers can rest easy as online competitions are soon coming to Pokémon Sun and Moon. Perhaps resting easy isn’t the best choice of words as the latest iteration of the games brings entirely new attacks, abilities, Pokémon and strategies to think about.

Since this is all taking place in a different region from past games, rules have been changed. You may choose up to six Pokémon for your team but all must be native to the Alolan region. You can even use Solgaleo or Lunala but this rule restricts the island deities as well as Zygarde. It is also expected to ban a few Pokémon you may have caught in Alola via the QR Scanner. Ones like Chikorita and Vigorath do not appear in the Alolan National Dex making them possibly ineligible to compete. To play, you must have a registered Game Sync ID and Pokémon Trainer Club membership.

Sign-ups for the Battle of Alola are already open but the event kicks off on Friday, December 16. The competition is only limited to the first 50,000 entrants, so if you really want to test your skills then don’t delay. Signing up takes place online where you will then receive a Digital Player ID to use. Read the entire list of guidelines to get yourself prepared for battle.