VR Invaders Shooting Up Steam Next Week

One of the more obvious things to do in VR is to create a shooting gallery, which has the advantage of providing plenty of action while avoiding movement-based motion sickness.  VR Invaders is a new one coming out on December 15, putting you inside a virtual world rescuing users who have gotten stuck.  As a Diver it’s your job to un-stick those who can’t escape what should be a consumer-friendly VR experience that’s somehow gone bad, trapping people inside for reasons that will be uncovered as the story progresses.  One hand wields a blaster while the other holds a shield, and each tool comes with a few options to weight combat in your favor.  It’s a neon-techno shooting range filled with dangerous robo-viruses and bosses, waiting for someone to tear through the horde.  There may be plenty of this genre available for VR but, so long as each one carves out its own unique space, there’s always room for one more.