Apokalypse Countdown Bundle Hits Indie Gala

Indie Gala bundles usually offer up a fair amount of variety for a minimal price – and that trend continues with the new Apokalypse Countdown bundle. This multi-tiered bundle lets you pay $1 for Samoliotik Deluxe Edition, Apookalypsis, and Leviathan Starblade. Beating that and spending $2.99 or more gets you CountDown, Crackhead, Rescue Your Chickens, Tiny Guardians, Exteria, The Lost Valley, Ridge, and VR Journey. Those seeking something different from a side-scrolling shooter may enjoy Apokalypsis, while Countdown offers up some vertical shooting action and features a fast pace – but one that doesn’t appear too fast for shooting novices to deal with. With a $3 maximum price, this bundle looks like a solid way to spend a day and very little money.