Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Expansion Gets Release Date, Creepy Trailer

Poor Isaac can’t catch a break.  No matter how many times he goes down to the dungeons below his house to escape the crazed wrath of a religiously-unhinged mother, there’s always a fresh new set of terrors waiting in the depths.  No sooner did he get used to the original Binding of Isaac than Rebirth came along, remaking the entire game from scratch bigger and bolder than before.  After getting to grips with its challenges along came the Afterbirth expansion, adding new dungeons, the Greed mode, and a giant pile of pickups along the way.  Now the final expansion is coming out, Afterbirth+, and the mod tools it brings with it means there will be no end to the terrible beasts and scatological indignities found in the roguelike mazes deep underground.

Edmund McMillen lists the full range of new goodies on the blog post announcing the release date, which you can find over here, but the important part is that Afterbirth+ is coming out January 3.  It launches at $9.99, but if you’ve got the Afterbirth expansion already there’s a discount making it only $6.66 instead.  The hundreds of items, rooms, secrets, and other bizarre weirdness is being joined by one final expansion, and the monthly updates adding fan-created content will keep Isaac busy for long, long time.