Bastion Available Now On Xbox One, Free for 360 Owners

Bastion is now available on Xbox One and it’s not just an Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible title. This original action RPG from Supergiant Games has been rebuilt from the ground up to look and feel like a current gen game.

In Bastion you’ll assume the role of a hero in search of the missing pieces to an ancient civilization with the help of a mysterious stranger who narrates your every move. Equip multiple weapons and level them up as you create your own combos against uniquely challenging enemies. Bastion should look and feel the same as you remember except this time it’ll be in beautiful 1080p and include the Stranger’s Dream DLC right from the get go. There’s also brand new achievements to unlock.

If you owned Bastion on Xbox 360 then be sure to download your free copy before January 1, 2017.