Perfect Gets New Trailer and Release Date Across All VR Platforms

nDreams focuses on VR software, and their next game is set to let users slip into a “perfect” virtual reality world. Perfect aims to give users an escape from their daily grind and take them to locales that they would normally have to go elsewhere for. You can enjoy a beach, the northern lights, and explore the wilderness. Different times of day and viewing areas are available and you can explore these areas with your Spotify playlists on or the in-game soundtrack. The game will be available on the PlayStation Store across North America on December 13, while the EU gets it on December 20. The HTC Vive release date will be December 16 worldwide and it will cost $9.99 or €7.99  across Europe. This looks like a must-buy experience for those who are easily stressed out, or who don’t have the means to enjoy a nice vacation on the beach.