Second Generation of Pokémon Make their Way to Pokémon GO

It looks like our world just got a bit more crowded thanks to the introduction of Johto region Pokémon for Pokémon GO. So far, we will be getting Pichu and Togepi, both of which are baby Pokémon. The catch is, eggs must be hatched in order to find them. The short video below also suggests other baby Pokémon or possibly the starters will be included. Currently, these are all we’ll get until more updates are implemented.

It’s a pretty clever way to keep players interested as it will force those who want to catch them all to get back out there in order to find eggs and hatch them. It also makes sense as the only way to obtain them in Pokémon Gold and Silver is by hatching. In addition to these new Pokémon comes a special Christmastime Pikachu. Starting December 12 until December 29 you can find a hat-adorned Pikachu wandering around town. Enjoy the holiday festivities while trying to catch even more Pokémon.