RiME Just Might Find its Way on to Other Platforms

Tequila Works’ Rime, previously announced as a PlayStation exclusive, just might find its way on to the likes of, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch. This comes from a Brazilian games rating board.

Rime was set to be a PlayStation exclusive due to Sony owning the rights. However, Tequila Works acquired the rights to the game when Sony chose to forfeit them.

Rime has since been picked up by publishers Grey Box and Six Foot looking as if they want to appeal to anyone and everyone.

Rime is a game with a lot of eyes on it, presenting a certain cel shading reminiscent of Wind Waker, while drawing from games like Journey or even the newly released The Last Guardian. The main character is a boy after all, alone on an island surrounded by open sea and mysterious ruins. Sound familiar? Rime is looking good though, even with the journey it’s been on.

Source: Gematsu