Dragon Quest XI Gameplay and Opening Revealed, Coming 2017 to PS4/3DS

For some, a new Dragon Quest is even a bigger deal than a new Final Fantasy, which is why Slime lovers everywhere are currently losing their minds that has Square Enix has just detailed Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time live on stage at Jump Festa 2017.

First up is the opening, which gives an idea of the plot and many of the characters, areas and monsters that will be met along the way:

Next up is several minutes of gameplay, which shows the protagonist marching through a grassy field as adorable Slimes bounce around him. He then jumps on his trusty horse and goes for a jaunt around a waterfall. The video then shows a taste of how gameplay will look on the 3DS. While the game is shaping up to be quite beautiful on the PS4, the 3DS is no schlep and shows an alternate 2D view of the gameplay on the bottom screen, which is an awesome effect. Apparently players will be able to choose which graphical style to play the game in after this point. Check it out for yourself below:

Finally, a short video was released introducing the protagonist’s partner, Camus, who is a blue-haired thief:

Dragon Quest XI will be released in 2017 for PS4 and 3DS. The casino will return and the 3DS version will be compatible with StreetPass.