Will Getting The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Wii U be Worth it?

Breath of the Wild is Nintendo’s huge Zelda title that fans have been waiting to release for over three years now, with their selling point for the game being it’s open-air adventure with a large vast world to be explored. The game is set to release on both the Wii U and Nintendo Switch sometime next year, but from the little we’ve seen from the gameplay shown, it might be worth upgrading to Nintendo’s new console before picking it up.

Nintendo has continually said the game will release on Wii U and that isn’t likely to change before the release date comes around. With the Wii U stopping production, Breath of the Wild will likely be the last game released on the console that gets any good amount recognition. Already a good handful of titles that were originally planned for the Wii U have started development for the Switch, some scrapping their Wii U versions entirely. The support for last minute games to the Wii U’s library is dwindling and interesting more people in the Switch. The only reason for someone to purchase Wii U at this point is if it has enough games that interest them since the console will likely only see a few more third party games before it gets abandoned entirely for the Switch.

The Wii U version of Breath of the Wild that has been shown has included quite a few noticeable frame rate issues. These have popped up during typical scenarios such as facing off against a camp of enemies and while using bombs or fire. While some people can shrug off occasional frame rate issues, it will slow down everything overall if these issues pop up during the main meat of the game. This has left people to wonder if the rest of the game could be littered with more issues if the Wii U’s hardware isn’t quite enough to handle it compared to the Switch. While we haven’t seen a ton of footage of the game actually being played on the Switch, it’s natural to assume the console will include upgraded graphics and likely a more stable frame rate, potentially capped at 30fps which is typical of Nintendo these days.

Nintendo hasn’t stopped entirely caring about the Wii U, but it’s obvious that they will put a little more shine on the Switch version to attract fans. It’s the title that will push sales for those who don’t already own a Wii U, giving them all the more reason to offer players a better experience on the Switch. They’ve shown in the past they favor their newer consoles when it comes to multiple console releases for big titles, such as the Wii version of Twilight Princess coming out a Month earlier than the Gamecube version in North America.

At this point it would cause backlash from many fans if Nintendo cancelled the Wii U version, so there’s no doubt it will still reach audiences who are hoping to play it without buying a new console. Nintendo will no doubt put emphasis on the Switch version in the coming months, but hopefully Nintendo can still put in the time to make sure the Wii U version won’t suffer from any issues, while allowing the Switch version to look and play as great as can be with its new hardware. There’s no way to tell yet if Breath of the Wild’s quality will suffer overall from being on the Wii U, so for now it remains a viable option for those holding off on buying the Switch for Zelda. For those wanting the best experience, however, it may be worth saving to get the upgrade before diving into this grand new adventure.