Night in the Woods Delayed to Early February

The last time we heard from Night in the Woods, it was just a few days ago, when the creepy and cartoonish coming-of-age tale had a dazzling new trailer proudly showing off its ever-nearing January 10 release date. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll have to wait slightly longer to delve into the quirky mysteries of Mae’s home town, as the game has been delayed by about a month to February 2017.

According to the developers, the reason isn’t anything drastic, just that they need to perform a few last bits of quality insurance and go over some odds and ends, and being a small team, they weren’t prepared for some the little unexpected bits during the home stretch, especially when having to deal with a multi-platform release. And due to factors outside of the development team, they can’t provide a specific release date, only that it will be out in the first part of February. So we still have a few more weeks before it comes, but from what we’ve seen so far, Night in the Woods is a quirky and intriguing adventure game that will hopefully be worth the wait.