Pokémon GO Now Available for Apple Watch

It’s been in the making for some time but Apple Watch users can finally enjoy Pokémon GO on the go! The entire Pokémon world now fits into the wrist-bound device to make your adventures even simpler and get you working toward being the very best.

Pokémon GO can be played seamlessly as you are out and about. It acts as your own Pokémon GO Plus device to alert you of nearby Pokémon so you can catch it on your phone. You are also able to obtain items, hatch eggs, and receive Candy from your Buddy Pokémon. One of the biggest features associated with the watch is the compatibility with exercising so it will track and monitor your personal activity.

The recent inclusion of Pokémon from the Gold and Silver video games, along with being able to play on the Apple Watch, will definitely get trainers back out into the world to catch them all.