Screenshot Saturday: Ultra-Christmas Edition

Screenshot Saturday brings a new load of toys to all the good boys and girls in the form of endless images and animations of work-in-progress games, but unlike that miser Christmas it’s weekly rather than yearly. This week lands on Christmas Eve, meaning it’s a super-festive series of snow, Santa hats, and papercraft. Plus a few regular images because while Christmas is nice, is doesn’t have to invade every nook and cranny of the day.  Whichever year-end holiday you call your own, have a good one!

Polynomial 2- Fly through the particle universe and blast just about everything in your path, or wander away from the fight to take in the sights. Alternately, just tool around a lovely Christmas scene as the planet pulses in time to the beat of the music.

Rokh- Survive on Mars, which isn’t known for its pleasant and inviting environment. No air, no food or water, but plenty of radiation make for a world that won’t be made comfortable very easily. Craft your way to survival and maybe even build a Christmas tree or two. Not quite sure where the snow is coming from, though.

Phase Edge- Mean little shooter that contrasts it’s silhouette enemies with neon firepower and plenty of bullet-fueled mayhem. It’s got a demo at that’s gives a nice chunk of game and is well worth checking out.

Dead Cells- Metroidvaina/roguelike where a blob comes to life and realizes that being a gelatinous slime isn’t all it could be. The nearest corpse makes for a handy home, allowing it to explore the castle and build its new body into whatever kind of warrior seems most useful, depending on play style.

Unnamed- No idea, no info, no nothing. Whatever it is, though, it’s got owl pirates, a land octopus sending its tentacles up from the earth, and a pirate ship with an owl skull on it. That’s pretty much all any game needs.

Rubi’s Room- Solve a Rubik’s Cube from the inside, except instead of putting everything together in a final perfect configuration you make combos when lining up the pieces of items one after the other. Animals go a little differently, in that you can configure them as you’d like. Check it out over at the game’s Ludum Dare page.

The Endless Forest- This game has been around just about forever, which is actually a bit of a problem seeing as people still play it. The poor thing is held together with duct tape and wishful thinking and has gone as far as it can under the old engine, and now it’s being rebuilt in Unreal. Only the power of the Unreal Engine can master the unbridled yet perky power of the playful hopping deer.

Footbrawl Playground- Footbrawl is going to be a physics-based brawler based around soccer/football, but the Playground is a little different. It’s a project to help fund the full game, letting you spawn players and traps and watch things unfold. Probably best not to do it too close the fireplace, though.

Abandon Ship- Become the captain of a ship sailing the high seas, surviving the all the dangers it presents. Or surviving the dangers that bring presents. One of those two.

Katana Zero- Run, slash, and kill in a bloody fountain of pixely violence. Judging by the cat’s reaction, some bad things must have gone down in this office for it to care so little.

Sky Rogue- Fly the open skies and rain missile-doom on all who raise arms against you in the game that’s most like what I wish Sega was still making. Each level is procedurally generated but so long as you’re in the air with a good weapon loadout you still have a chance of not becoming a fireball raining slightly charred presents over the enemy fortifications below.

Plasma Puncher- Brawler taking place on the cellular level, where a dreadlocked white blood cell pummels its way through the invading viruses. No matter how cute and goofy they look.

Potato Planet- FPS set on a world of potatoes. Baby potatoes are non-sentient, tasty, and surprisingly useful aside from their food-based properties. Adult potatoes are highly protective of their young. I’m honestly not sure what adult potatoes get their kids for Christmas, though, aside from maybe some butter and salt.

Blazing Legion: Ignition- No, this isn’t a Screenshot Saturday image and it also has nothing to do with Christmas, but the video isn’t available anywhere else and needs to go somewhere because it’s utterly fantastic.  So here it is.

Bonus Image:

Dive Hard-  It’s not over yet, but you can bet when ti is there’s a certain jolly old elf (who’s traditionally been seen as a natural redhead) who needs a relaxing sitdown and a soak.