Japanese McDonald’s Locations to Have Super Mario Happy Meal Toys

Once again, as per usual, Japan gets all the cool stuff. Starting next week on January 6, McDonald’s locations will begin selling Super Mario-themed Happy Meals. It’s not anything new for the country to bring joy to little ones via Mario merchandise. It could even be the 100th time in the past year the have distributed such toys.

To ring in the new year, McDonald’s will have a total of twelve different goodies in their Happy Meals. Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, even a Goomba¬†can be found, plus more! These are great for kids to enjoy and can even be special for collectors. If you happen to be in Japan and in the mood for some McNuggets, grab a Happy Meal.

Currently, there are Yo-Kai Watch toys to be found but wait a week if you’re more for Mario. Check out all the toys on the Japanese McDonald’s website.