New Valkyria Revolution Trailer Intros Princess Ophelia in Japanese

A new trailer for Valkyria Revolution has hit the webs and it’s full of story beats but to understand them you’ll need to have a clear grasp of the Japanese language as there’s no English subtitles for this one. Despite that barrier it’s still a beautiful visual for a game that we will be getting stateside in 2017.

Princess Ophelia is at the center of this trailer and it looks like she’ll play an important role throughout though for how long remains to be seen as she shares a name with another tragic princess. Valkyria Revolution is another title with heritage from Valkyria Chronicles and Valkyria Chronicles II. Revolution will hopefully reveal itself to be different in other ways than its predecessors but for now we do know that it will focus more on strategy elements. There’s also permadeath but you will be able to retry a level should you choose.

Valkyria Revolution is expected in North America sometime in Q2 of 2017 though no official release date has been announced. It’s being developed by Media.Vision and published by Sega.