Limited Run Games Wraps Up 2016 With Lone Survivor

It’s been a long road for Limited Run Games in 2016, starting with its second release in the form of Saturday Morning RPG and ending with one last game sneaking in just under the wire in the form of Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut.  For those keeping track these are games number 30 and 31, PS4 and Vita, and seeing as 2015 saw only one game in the form of Breach & Clear that makes the math pretty easy.  By any stretch of the imagination, thirty is a huge number of published games for so short a period of time, especially seeing as there was a three month gap between January and April with nothing in there.  While some games were sold out in minutes and others lasted a few days, everything found a home eventually.

The last game of 2016, Lone Surivor, is a survival horror game that originally came out in 2012.  It’s a psychological trip through a Silent Hill-inspired city as the only human left tries to find other people, or at least escape the madness.  Choose to kill everything, sneak past the horrors, take care of yourself or pound the drugs to keep going, and the game will adapt to reflect your choices with different endings depending on how you react.  The game is a minor indie classic, weird and excellent, and while it took over four years to get a physical edition it’s very well deserved.

As usual for a Limited Run Games release, Lone Survivor goes on sale in two batches at 10AM and 6PM EST Friday, 12/30.  It’s got a total print run of 3600 units per console, and once it’s gone it’s gone forever.