Top-Down Horror Game Kalaban Now Available on Steam

Given that Steam’s storefront goes through a bit of a makeover whenever they’re hosting one of their massive sales, shifting the focus to popular games with notable discounts, it can be incredibly easy to overlook any new releases for Valve’s service that show up during these periods. So let’s shine a bit of a light on Rayhouse Productions and their top-down action/horror game Kalaban, which is now available on Steam for all to check out, complete with a launch trailer that you can check out below.

Set in an alternate history version of Finland during the 1990s, Kalaban centers around an American hermit named Bob who has just recently moved to the country, then finds themselves attacked by a mutant and suddenly having to find the cause of a giant outbreak. Boasting a hand-crafted mini-sandbox world, a dose of black comedy, old-school action and a unique story, it could be possible that Kalaban is indeed a hidden surprise. And with a special promotion of forty percent off its price until January 5, it isn’t hard to afford, so horror fans may indeed want to check Kalaban out.