January’s Humble Monthly Bundle Has Vermintide, Legend of Heroes, More

It’s the first Friday of the dawn of a new year, and so that means we now get to unbox the first Humble Monthly bundle of 2017. Now, the last time Humble Monthly followed a massive Steam sale, the offerings were…well, slightly disappointing. But this time around, the Humble folks have decided to ring in the new year with what may arguably be one of their strongest offerings yet…albeit again missing the golden opportunity for a perfect theme.

See, given that we’re currently in the process of celebrating the coming of the new year while looking back upon the best of the past year, you would think that the latest Humble Monthly package would focus on some of the best games of 2016. But as it turns out, only two of the eight games included come from 2016, oddly enough. Those two would be the ultra-violent, alternate history Cold War-inspired throwback to ’80s and ’90s beat-’em-ups Mother Russia Bleeds, and the roguelike top-down cyberpunk shooter Neon Chrome. Not the most prominent games of year, but still a couple of choice picks nonetheless.

The rest of the package, however, is mostly celebrating the best of 2015. Leading the pack is Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide (complete with DLC), the four-player co-op action survival game continuing on from last month’s inclusion of Mordheim to create a mini-Warhammer theme. After that we have the extremely deep racing game Project CARS, now with Oculus Rift support. Turn-based JRPG The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is also here, just in time to see the latest game in the franchise getting some love from our own Best of 2016 awards. Finally, we have the hand-drawn action-exploration Jotun, set amongst the world of Norse mythology, though it does appear to be the Valhalla Edition from this year with includes a new boss rush mode. We also get the Humble Monthly Debut for the PC version of the fast-paced speed run platformer HoPiKo, where you have to save gaming itself, and finally, we close with this month’s Humble Original, a little babysitting simulator by the name of Kimmy.

Overall, a damn good bundle and a damn fine way to kick off 2017, but for those who wished that 2016’s finest were celebrated more, don’t worry. XCOM 2 is already the first revealed game for February’s bundle, which per tradition, you can begin playing now if you’re a new subscriber or decide to pay early. And as usual, we’ll be back in four weeks to crack that potential box of chocolates open, so stay tuned!