Bleed 2 Has a Release Date

Bleed 2 was one of the most pleasant surprises to come out of last year’s PAX West. Though I was a huge fan of the first game, I hadn’t known that there was a sequel in the works. The surprise paid off, though, as it left a lasting positive impression. Independent developer Ian Campbell of Bootdisk Revolution has been hard at work since that show finishing up the game and is now feeling ready to announce the launch.┬áComing to Steam for PC, MAC, and Linux on February 8, this charming but intense sidescroller has all of the makings to top the original Bleed with the addition of local co-op, twenty-five bosses, and more obstacles to time slow and gracefully air dash past. Not bad for ten bucks.

Words cannot express how excited I am to finally get my hands on this one. The original hit every pleasure center that gaming can offer in side scrolling form. Anyone who hasn’t played the original is highly encouraged to rectify that mistake. At only five bucks, the first title is a game that encourages multiple playthroughs to perfect, while avoiding becoming overly frustrated. Anyone in the know already will just need to join me in re-watching the teaser trailer.