Nefarious Hits Early Access on January 23, Shows Off Reverse Boss Fights

Well, after nearly two and a half years of waiting, developers Josh Hano and StarBlade are finally ready to unleash their 2D platformer Nefarious upon the world. In an update on Kickstarter, it was announced that the game where things are twisted up and you play as the supervillain attempting to kidnap various princesses would be entering Early Access on January 23, available on Steam. According to the team, the bulk of the game is complete and will be available for all to enjoy, and that it just needs a few final touches such as polish and bug fixes, which Early Access should help with in gathering feedback.

In addition to the announcement of the Early Access release date, a new trailer for Nefarious was released, which you can check out below. As you can see, it highlights a few of the game’s reverse boss fights, which are odes to classic sixteen-bit games that have you as the giant enemy this time around, attempting to kill the hero. Between those types of battles, the assortment of visual styles, and the different types of gameplay glimpsed, it certainly looks like a fun game that will definitely feature a lot of variety, so keep an eye out for it. And for those of you at PAX South later this month, you’ll be able to check out a demo of things when Nefarious is showcased there as well, so make sure to stop by.