Punch Club Coming to 3DS Next Week

As a whole, Punch Club managed to be one of my favorite titles of the last year, seeing as how it mixed stat management, strategy, and not a small dose of humor to keep everything feeling fresh in the quest to become the best fighter. It’s been doing pretty well for itself, at that, making its way to various platforms. Nintendo’s 3DS can now be added to that list, as it will be hitting the eShop January 19.

This isn’t a quick and dirty port, either. The entire game has been reworked from the ground up to take advantage of the platform’s dual screens. This will also include The Dark Fist DLC, so Nintendo fans won’t be left unable to stalk the city as an umbrella toting avenger of the night. All in all, this is a perfect venue to experience the game, removing yet another excuse for missing out.