Here are the Qualifying Teams for the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege Six Invitational

Yes, Rainbow Six Siege is still relevant and if you didn’t know it’s also an eSport. So, if you like eSports you should give this one a watch in it’s biggest event since the game’s launch.

The tournament is the Rainbow Six Siege Six and there are four teams competing for the largest stake of the $200,000 prize pool. Two are from NA and two from EU so if you’re into that NA vs EU thing then here you go. Here are the teams representing each region:

  • Continuum (PC, North America)
  • GiFu (PC, Europe)
  • eLevate (Xbox One, North America)
  • Team Vitality (Xbox One, Europe)

The tournament will be taking place at the Usine C venue in Montreal the weekend of February 3-5. If you live in that area and want to check it our personally, you can buy tickets here. Tickets are ranging from $30 – $150. While you’re there or watching the tournament will also announce new content for the Year 2 Season 1 reveal, other major announcements, and developer/community panels.