Team Liquid Welcomes Back St. Vicious

Before Team Liquid made it to the NA LCS they were Team Curse and led by Brandon “Saintvicious” DiMarco.

Now he’s back with the organization that absorbed Team Curse so long ago as the strategy coach. Before this you more than likely remember Saint with Apex Gaming and leading them through the NACS scene to the NA LCS and a seventh place finish. That team was acquired along with Team Dignitas by the Philidelphia 76ers.

During his stints as a head coach Saint has more than proven that he’s capable of getting the job done. His teams in the NACS were always among the best if not garnering the title for themselves and though he’ll be stepping into a new role he’ll still be in charge of how the team can see the game and their development alongside head coach David “Dlim: Lim.

If you know Saint’s playing career you’ll love the intro to the video below.