Exclusive First Look at The Flame in the Flood Director’s Commentary

At times it feels as though the survival genre has been completely saturated. All it takes is a title like The Flame in the Flood to show that there’s still tons of room for innovation and excitement when it comes to challenging survival games. Originally released for PC and Xbox One in 2016, PS4 fans have been desperate for their shot to finally play. Come January 17, they’ll finally be able to – with brand new content. One of the most exciting aspects of this content is the inclusion of Director’s Commentary.

The Flame in the Flood’s Director’s Commentary brings the development team together as they speak on all aspects of the title. Players simply turn the option on, begin playing, and run over floating cassette tapes in the environment to pull up a commentary track. With so much information packed across these clips, even folks who already have spent dozens of hours with the game should consider revisiting it for the commentary alone.

Want to get a feel for the commentary? Check out this exclusive peek in the video below:

This video gives a little taste to the introduction and flavor of commentary you’ll expect to receive from the full Director’s Commentary in The Flame in the Flood. With that said, we’ve got some more exclusive commentary to share for those curious to get an even better taste of it. Anyone interested in how games change and grow during the development process will definitely want to listen in for tidbits such as the following about the raft’s evolution:

“And I remember this raft for the character! When we first got it I think everybody was imagining it would be this static raft and I remember early on we were trying to come up with a way to transition between when you were on the river and when you were on land. And we needed some kind of visual to cover that up. And so I kind of made this docking animation and I was trying to figure out is there going to be a rope on the dock that you tie to the raft?

And I then I just rigged up the raft so that the tire could come off and you could throw the tire over the dock. And as I did it I thought to myself “Oh no, Sinc is going to kill me! I totally messed up his model to do this. I’m probably stretching it”; and he was like… he liked it! That was kind of the beginning of the raft becoming a bigger and bigger thing.”

Then there’s looks into the lives of the team which include stories that definitely need sharing. For example, the soundtrack was developed in a surprisingly immersive way:

“Yeah, yeah I love the story that he told us about his actual process of writing ‘The Flame in The Flood’ the album where I think he spent about a week out on the river, and he took his pickup truck, his guitar, fishing equipment, and his boat. And I think he just basically fished by day, camped, and wrote songs by night. Yeah he sort of lived The Flame in The Flood life while he wrote the album.”

Obviously there’s tons more of insights into The Flame in the Flood packed into the Director’s Commentary. You’ll get the chance to listen to it in its entirety this week.