Masahiro Tanaka Stars in another Pokémon Ad

The world of Pokémon is no stranger to New York Yankees’ ace pitcher, Masahiro Tanaka. The baseball phenom stars in yet another advertisement for Pokémon Sun and Moon. In this short clip, Tanaka is dressed in some Alolan-style clothing while standing shockingly close to a Togedemaru. He lets trainers it’s time to battle to see who’s the best!

Again, it’s a pretty quick little video but does let us know Pokémon Sun and Moon are still on top of the world. Having Tanaka promote the game reaches across a wide number of audiences. Plus, it shows athletes are just as much into gaming as we are which is great to see! When you’re not on the field having a catch you can be catching Pokémon instead!

Check out Tanaka showing off his Pokémon skills in the clip below.