New ARK Console Update Catches Up to PC

Studio Wildcard has brought the console version of Early Access ARK: Survival Evolved up to speed with its PC counterpart. An MMO survival game on a dinosaur island, ARK: Survival Evolved on PS4 and Xbox One is receiving a new update that adds two new full-scale underwater caves with artifacts, as well as five new island-dwelling creatures. The PS4 version in particular also gets the update enabling procedurally generated maps. Specifically, the five new creatures are the Cnidaria Omnimorph, a very dangerous jellyfish, the Troodon Magnanimus, which are like raptors but much smarter, the Pegomastax Fructarator, a herbivore with great skills in collecting ingredients, the Tusoteuthis Vampyrus, a giant squid that likes syphoning blood, and Therizinosarus Multiensis, a herbivore built like a T-Rex.

See a trailer showing off these creatures below. The latest update to ARK: Survival Evolved is now live on Xbox One and hits tomorrow for PlayStation 4.