EA Play 2017 Announced, Dated For Weekend Before E3

With E3 starting to loom on the horizon, EA has become the first developer to begin revealing their plans for the year’s biggest gaming convention, with the return of last year’s public-friendly EA Play event.

EA Play 2017 now has an official website, which details that the event will take place in The Hollywood Palladium from June 10-12, the final days before this year’s E3 convention. Unlike last year, EA Play will not be taking place in the same city or have overlapping dates with E3, but will likely feature similar opportunities, which last year consisted of EA’s E3 press conference, public access to titles that were playable at the convention, and other chances to meet celebrities, win rewards, and much more. Based on what EA has announced so far, EA Play 2017 will likely be the first public event to feature access to the Star Wars: Battlefront sequel, as well as the developer’s usual lineup of annual sports titles including FIFA, Madden, and NHL.

The website also states that EA Play 2017 will be featured “Live on EA.com”, allowing fans outside of Hollywood to remotely experience many of the ongoing attractions during those three days. For more on EA and other developers as we start marching down the road to E3, make sure to keep it here on Hardcore Gamer.