Nioh Demo Now Available for Pre-Download

Anticipated PS4 exclusive Nioh now has a demo available for download. The demo won’t go live though until this weekend, were it will remain playable for 48 hours. Nioh is set to release on February 7.

Nioh has been highly anticipated action-RPG being alluded to as Dark Souls meets Ninja Gaiden in style and gameplay. Nioh though is set in a much more tangible history within our own world with a medieval Japan in the middle of civil war – even if it has demons.

The most notable thing about the demo is that it comes with a few prizes that seem well worth it. You’ll want to hold on to your save file. Beating the demo nets the Mark of the Conqueror and Mark of the Strong DLC packs as well as a unique piece of gear.

Nioh previously went through both Alpha and Beta testing in 2016, helping Team Ninja fine tune some of the games systems, making the game an overall more enjoyable experience.