Playtonic Unveils Multiplayer Fun in Yooka-Laylee

This spiritual successor to the Nintendo 64 classic Banjo-Kazooie is out on April 11, but there is still news trickling out for this project. Today, Playtonic shows off the multiplayer feature in a short trailer. Up to four players can participate in one of eight arcade games presented by Yooka-Laylee’s Retro Rex. These games include Bag the Flag, Yooka-Laylee’s version of capture the flag, Kartos Karting, a racing mini game, and Gun-let Run which is what it sounds a shoot em up fest to name a few of these. If you are without friends solo players can still experience these games. There will also be a co-op feature for the traditional single player mode that allows the second player to grab quills, collect and store butterflies, stop traps and more. You can check out the trailer below: