Sundered Kickstarter Campiagn Currently Live, Funding Goal Already Smashed

Last week, Thunder Lotus Games let everyone know that the Kickstarter campaign for their next game, a hand-drawn metroidvania title known as Sundered, would begin the following week. Said campaign is now live, and while a lot of us were indeed hoping for the best given how well their previous game, Jotun, was received, even the developers themselves didn’t seem to expect just how successful things would immediately turn out. The $25,000 CAD goal was reached in less than six hours, made it to 150% in less than a day, and is now currently sitting at 261%, as of the time of writing.

If you’re wondering why the original goal seems a bit low for a game that looks quite professional, that’s because a $700,000 budget is already in place thank to Jotun’s revenues and a loan from the Canadian Media Fund. The money gathered from Kickstarter will go not only towards adding extra polish to Sundered, but also goes towards allowing players to directly participate in the feedback process, allowing Thunder Lotus to sculpt the game to everyone’s liking even further. This is detailed in the Kickstarter video seen below, along with a general explanation of the game’s mechanics, as well as its Eldritch-focused plot and focus on potential corruption for the main character and player.

So take a look at the video for yourself, and if you want more details, make sure to check out the game’s Kickstarter page as well. It does indeed look like Sundered will end up as quite the fascinating game, so here’s a toast to its immediate fortunes.