The Pedestrian Jaywalks to Kickstarter With Puzzle-Platformer Demo

It’s a lovely day for a stroll, and if the environment is a little basic that makes it perfectfor a street-sign stick figure.  The Pedestrian is a puzzle platformer where all the levels are on fragments of signs posted on the walls, fences, and railings of the real world, and it’s up to you to link the pieces in a way that creates a path to the exit.  The stick figure starts in one fragment and you can move and link the level fragments as you like, within reason.  A ladder going off the bottom of one section needs to link up to the top of another, and the trick is to see the flow of the level within the images.  The simplicity of the signs contrasts nicely with the more detailed, realistic backgrounds, and while the demo isn’t long enough to build the narrative it looks like the figure has a goal in mind.  There are a few possible hints in the background of what’s basically the tutorial levels, but the bigger revelations will have to wait for the full game.

The Pedestrian demo came out a few weeks back but the Kickstarter campaign just launched this week.  This is just the type of game that Kickstarter is perfect for, in that it’s a clever, unique game with a well-defined style, needing just a little help building a community to get it over the finish line.  Head on over to Kickstarter and give it a look, or check out the demo to see just what makes The Pedestrian worth keeping an eye on.