Ransome the *BEEP*ing Clown Welcomes You to Thimbleweed Park

We haven’t been devoting a lot of time Towards Thimbleweed Park, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick’s retro-styled spiritual successor to their original innovator of the point-and-click adventure genre, Maniac Mansion. So to help remedy this, here’s a video below introducing you to the charming titular town of Thimbleweed Park, hosted by none other than a clown that constantly swears and talks about how a dead body is the least of our problems. Did we mention that the game is also a murder mystery that doubles as a throwback to surreal shows like Twin Peaks as well?

Indeed, our trailer shows a town where men in pigeon suits spray fire hydrants, a millionaire attempts to create artificial intelligence through vacuum tubes, and of course, Ransome himself, a clown cursed to permanently wear his makeup, now finds himself having to search a pillow factory for the missing plans for his comeback. Ransome himself is only one of five playable characters you’ll control while on the hunt to uncover Thimbleweed Park’s secrets, which also includes special agents Ray and Reyes, Delores, the niece of the now-deceased town founder, and Franklin, a ghost who just learned of his recent demise. Thimbleweed Park should hopefully be due out sometime this year for PC, Xbox One, and mobile platforms, and as it definitely appears to have the same kind of humor and spirit that made Maniac Mansion such a classic, it is indeed one to keep an eye out for.