Supernatural Visual Novel Necrobarista Coming This October

As mentioned a while back with Do Not Feed The Monkeys, there are some games you can’t help but be instantly attracted to based on the name alone. So on that note, please say hello to Necrobarista, an upcoming visual novel from Melbourne-based developers Route 59. Set in an Australian cafe where gangsters, hipsters, and necromancers mingle together, it’s a place where coffee just happens to be served to both the living and the dead (if the addition of necromancers didn’t tip you off to that already).

While details surrounding the game itself are sparse at the moment, it does appear as though Necrobarista’s title isn’t the only eye-catching thing about it, as the announcement trailer seen below gives as a first look at an anime style, soundtrack, and atmosphere that wouldn’t seem out of place in a top-level Atlus game. We do get what appear to be some glimpses of investigation and interaction with the environment, though, setting the stage for what appears to be an intriguing supernatural mystery. Necrobarista is currently due out in October for PC, so hopefully it arrives just in time to appropriately play alongside our pumpkin spice lattes and paper ghost decorations.