Danamku Unlimited 3 Getting Ready to Launch with Shooty New Trailer

The Danmaku Unlimited series has done a nice job growing a name for itself, which is especially remarkable seeing as the games actually hail from Canada rather than Japan.  Deep scoring mechanics and excellent bullet patterns make for good shooting, and now there’s a third on the way with new systems and deadly bullet hell to keep the action running hot.  Danmaku Unlimited 3 works with a bullet canceling system, where destroying an enemy transforms its bullets into blue spheres that charge up a power meter.  This doesn’t turn the canceled shots into collectibles, but rather has them keep flying along their former path ready to provide a little bump to the rampage meter if you fly over them.  Seeing as the normal instinct is “Run away!!!” (or at least dodge carefully) it should make for an interesting mental argument until you get used to switching gears.  There’s also a second Graze Mode available with more advanced mechanics for the experienced player, although details on that are still forthcoming.

Danmaku Unlimited 3 launches on Steam on March 9.  It’s still a good ways off so here’s a shiny new trailer to help with the wait.